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Nikki Webster 2003
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As of the 8th of June 2003.....



Happy Bday Nikki !
On the 30th of April Nikki has turned sweet 16 !
We wish you the best.


Disney's new Jungle Book 2 movie soundtrack released in Australia April 7 features Nikki's "I Wan'na Be Like You"

For more on Nikki's Jungle Book 2 song and Competition Click here

The Wizard of Oz production is in its last week in Melbourne.



Nikki Webster recently did a tour around the City. (picture: badge given to members)

Nikki @ 16th Aria awards

The 16th Arias
Although Nikki didn't get any Awards, she got alot of media coverage
to view the coverage you need Real player 8.

Broadband link

Dialup link

Download Real Player

24/7 Crazy bout your smile has been released !!!

Upcoming album: Bliss
features inside are the single "Something more Beautiful"

Bliss, for more info click the picture

TV apperances (Aria Awards)

The 16th Annual Aria Awards.jpg

Nikki Webster is due to attend the 16th ARIA Music Industry Awards nominated as one of the best Female Artist, the most selling album and the best all rounder.
The Aria's will be broadcast on channel 10 in Australia on Tuesday, October 15, at 8:00 pm held at the Sydney Super Dome.
Congradulations Nikki !

Channel Ten Australia Aria Awards

Compiled by Nikki Fan


Clothing Range and a New album !

For those of you that were just watching the Good Morning Australia interview, you'll know that Nikki's has a surprise:A clothing range and a New album. 

She has designed her own brand of clothes for girls age ranging from 5 - 10. The Nikki Webster range of clothing are expected to hit stores in August 2003.

Nikki also mentioned that she MAY be releasing a new album sometime in 2003.


See Nikki's Pink dress from the Olympics !
----> at the Sydney Powerhouse Museum <----
The pink dress at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney has been taken down.
The site appolgies for any inconvenience caused by the delayed updated.

Nikki's pink dress from the olympics can be seen at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney. Only for a limited time !

Powerhouse Museum


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